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So would you like to play "Spot the CCTV Camera?". Eagle eyed visitors may recognise the profusion of street furniture, surrounding a single heritage dome camera keeping watch over part  of Londons' prestigious Oxford Street shopping area.

If you are a CCTV manufacturer,
what can this website do for you ....?

The Manufacturers Directories

As has already been mentioned, the manufacturer listings are intended to provide a unique reference source for anyone wishing to locate a specific product, brand, or manufacturer. The directories will in effect provide a number of seperate linked sections.

Firstly, a manufacturers name / brand can be listed (free of charge) in the standard Manufacturers Index.
Every company appears the same, no bold entries, no logos! If your business is not already listed and you would like to be, simply send an e-mail request to:-

Next, a seperate detailed <whole page entry> ( >example< ) in the directory will be linked from the Manufacturers Index (free of charge). As well as information on the company, products and services, it is also possible for a 'jpeg' photograph of a product or HQ building, along with the company logo, to be placed at the top of the page; in addition, a banner advert can also be placed at the bottom of the page, again all Free Of Charge!

For a "Friend" or "Supporter" of
Doktor Jon, there are also a couple of additional exclusive benefits available. The main banner ad panel near the top of the page, could be used to promote a particular product or service; in addition, the option of a seperate "Company Profile" page, providing still more detailed background information on the business, can be added on and updated regularly >example<. .

If a company places a banner advert at the top of their directory entry page, as a "Friend" they will also be entitled to have five key products listed in the equipment directory, and each hyperlinked to the technical information listed on the company's own website.

For a "Supporter" that places a number of adverts, all the company's major products can be listed and linked back to their own site. In addition, a further 'Products' page can be added to the Manufacturers Directory, allowing all the companies main products to be listed in a single place, and again linked back to their own website for further information >example<.

Should a "Supporter" also wish to list a subsidiary or regional distributor, for example, Top CCTV (Japan) Co., Top CCTV (UK) Ltd., Top CCTV (US) Inc. etc., these can be included as well F.O.C.; further details available on request.

The Product section will allow a manufacturer to be listed (and hyperlinked to their directory entry) under various CCTV product categories, along with a seperate "Country of Origin" listing.

New product launches can already be listed in a seperate section, with further enhancements planned for the future ..... more details available on request. And of course there's also the weekly "CCTV Industry News" section, which is constantly updated with older stories being transferred to the "Industry News Archive"

Planned for launch late 2007, a detailed equipment database will it's hoped provide the ideal opportunity for listing information on individual CCTV products; for details "click here"

If you are looking for that someone special, Doktor Jon has also thoughtfully provided a cosy meeting place for any CCTV manufacturers wishing to make contact with suitable trading partners. In the Autumn 2006, a new forum / message board service will be launched with a strong B2B component, allowing manufacturers and distributors an open platform to discuss new products and developments with the wider industry and end users.

As an ongoing project, Doktor Jon has been developing a standardised universal product classification code, to allow manufacturers to identify their products specifications, to assist end users with specifying.

To help support this broad range of work, if you would like to place a banner ad at very low cost!, or perhaps become a "Friend" or "Supporter" of Doktor Jon, please drop me a line.

Don't forget, if you have any ideas, suggestions or requests for further developing this unique resource, don't hesitate to get in touch! Please e-mail to:-

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