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A cautionary tale of how to approach the subject from a different direction!

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An alternative view on the use of CCTV in Town Centres

In our cautionary tale, the (fictitious) seaside town of Bawring on Sea has a significant problem with tourists stealing pebbles from the beach; so the powers that be firstly take note, and then in the fullness of time become deeply concerned about the troubles, affecting all their local residents.

After much debate in council chambers, they decide to blow almost their entire cash reserves on installing a ‘state of the art’ CCTV system, to combat the plague on their beach huts.

Having made a decision, it then falls to the councils technical services manager (who obviously knows a bit about everything electrical) to decide on the best place to put these super dooper cameras, which are going to miraculously solve all of the Towns problems overnight.

Come the first sunny day (the wait has already put the project back by six weeks) our intrepid council expert grabs the plans for the entire town centre, and sets off on foot to walk the manor.

He thinks to himself, ‘now the beach is only two kilometres long so a couple of high powered cameras, one at each end, should cover that nicely’.

After three hours of strolling around the town, five crossroads and three ‘T’ road junctions have been marked down on the drawings, as the ideal locations where the cameras are best able to cover the greatest areas.

With job well done, its off to the local pub (bar) for a quick drink, while he draws up the detailed specification for ten high performance remote control cameras, each fitted with an obscenely powerful zoom lens, and stuck on top of a nine metre high pole at each designated point on the map.

All the cables from the cameras are to be fed back to the brand spanking new CCTV control room, whose secret location is located at .... well for the moment that has to remain a secret!



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