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A cautionary tale of how to approach the subject from a different direction!

The unique "TRUSTED" National CCTV Improvement Campaign

An alternative view on the use of CCTV in Town Centres - cont.

The procurement manager places the adverts, the contractor wins the contract, and four months and £ 200,000 later (thats around US $ 365,000 or Euro 285,000), the Mayor surrounded by local dignitaries presides at the official opening ceremony held in the new high tech control room, appropriately located between the Social Services office and the ladies toilets, on the 4th floor of the Town Hall.

Would you believe it, but within hours of the local newspaper publishing the full story about the councils new CCTV system, the crime levels drop dramatically. A success indeed, apart from the odd problem or two ... nothing which can’t be sorted out of course.

The case of the shrinking pebble piles has been well and truly ‘knocked on the head’, but then for some unknown reason, the stacks of deckchairs located below the beach camera poles, have suddenly started to relocate bit by bit, into the sea.

Who could possibly do such a thing? it’s always at night, and the CCTV cameras can’t look down that far, because the housings wiper unit gets in the way of the tilt mechanism.

Fortunately the previous motor vehicle crime problems have also shown a dramatic reduction in areas where the cameras have been installed, but again for some strange reason, even greater numbers of vehicles have been attacked in areas away from the centre of town.

At about the same time, the neighbouring town of Wunover suddenly discovered that they had a rapidly growing problem of general lawlessness within their community.

Can it possibly have anything to do with that new fangled CCTV camera scheme, relocating or displacing crime from Bawring on Sea?
The council calls an emergency meeting and the local Police commander says in no uncertain terms, something has to be done.

“Could CVTB work for us?” asks the council leader. Needless to say, everyone has a view but nobody has the answer. “ I think we should employ the services of an independent expert to produce a report on whether these Close Circus cameras are the way forward”



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