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And so it’s agreed; a budget is set for a maximum of around £ 1500 (US$ 2750 or Euros 2200) to see whether there is any need for spending as much as Bawring’s little experiment cost.

The Council leaders PA is set the impossible task of finding the camera expert, but after seventy two phone calls to different security camera consultants all offering to come and provide detailed advice on “where we can stick ‘em”, she decided that perhaps they should take their own advice.

By chance, call seventy three sounded very very different. The expert didn’t want to rush to see them, as this would incur unnecessary cost, and not really move things forward at this stage. “There are various steps we need to go through” said her knight in shining armour. “I’ll send you a brief proposal as to how we go about assessing your needs, and if you want to take it further, we’ll agree a price and you can start organising the shed loads of information we’ll need for analysis.

Very different indeed. The proposal arrived, and what a revelation .. ... Someone who actually understands the problems.

Step 1., the Crime Audit ..... a detailed list providing thorough information on all offences and locations, committed in the last year.

Step 2., the
Risk Assessment Survey .... having obtained detailed site maps, and plotted up the various crimes committed, it’s then relatively straightforward to walk around the area noting down specific points at risk (the global assessment).

Step 3., the
System Profile ..... with all the information gleaned from the Crime Audit & Risk Assessment surveys, it’s then a case of creating a ‘recipe’ for the ideal CCTV system, set against the 'DISE' principles.

Step 4., the
Specification ... this actually comes in two parts; the required outline technical specification for each piece of equipment, and the final ‘shopping list’.

Step 5., the
Crime Reduction Target report, outlines a range of objectives both within the short and long term.

The P.A. was amazed; “I’m absolutely amazed” she said .... in amazement; but perhaps more importantly, what did her boss the Council Leader think .. .. “I’m absolutely amazed” he agreed, I wonder if they did all this in Bawring?.


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