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What about the current use of CCTV in Town Centres ...? - continued -

Banks of large monitors, sometimes with each displaying between eight and sixteen small images, are not that easy to view on a constant basis, particularly if the system is being used to search for a suspect, vehicle or missing person.

In fact, many existing Control Rooms employ relatively complex visual switching and display systems (matrices), which can be difficult (and often confusing) to employ effectively during occasional periods of maximum stress.

By adopting a ‘sector’ approach, it is generally easier for an operator to carry out a systematic search to achieve a more rapid target location.

For example, the observer could be provided with a dedicated monitor linked to an additional display switcher; thus allowing selection of key camera groups, each as four cameras arranged in a quad format, which could then be rapidly selected in sequence to help locate a target, within a much wider area.

There are lots of ways that a relatively complex control system can be 'dumbed down', to make it both easier to use, and also less prone to catastrophic failure, in the event that a simple component packs up.

Whilst there are undoubtedly a number of very complex, and hugely expensive CCTV systems that consistantly produce results, the question remains whether the current level of financial commitment, is justified in many cases, simply on the basis of measurable performance, particularly as there are often more appropriate and affordable options

What do you think about the current level of investment in Town Centre CCTV systems?

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