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The choice of control system may well depend on what type of unit is being used, and precisely where it is located.

For any internal remote control devices being used over distances of less than fifty metres, it may well be cheaper
and more appropriate to use a ‘Direct Drive’ control unit, which can supply all the appropriate driving voltages straight down a multi core cable.

The Relay Interface technique for remote switching using low voltage control signals, is now hardly ever used, but there may well be the odd occasion where this type of approach could be considered.

For external remote control camera systems, and in fact any situation where greater distances are involved, Digital Telemetry is now accepted as the norm.

Be aware though that if you intend to use preset positioning, or automatic tours, you have to select a Transmitter that can control those functions, and also a Receiver Card which is specifically designed to drive a low voltage variable speed head.

In all cases, you should follow the manufacturers specific guidelines on cable and power requirements. You can also find more details on all the various options in the Technical Section - Control Systems pages


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