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City of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.
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The time has come ...
- Councillors in Derby UK, are faced with difficult decisions after parts of their 185 camera system were identified as coming to the end of their useful life. Now proposals to decommission 26 cameras which are either failing to detect crime, or are not measurably reducing the fear of crime, will be put out to public consultation before a decision is made. - source - - 1st July 2009

Stopped in their tracks - Some municipalities in the US are having second thoughts about deploying "red light" cameras at traffic interesections. Whilst the cameras are credited with having reduced the number of side impact accidents caused by drivers jumping a stop light, there has been a dramatic increase in rear impact collisions with drivers braking suddenly to avoid a penalty. - source - - 2nd July 2009

Wheel of misfortune - A 27 year old security camera installer from Riverside California, faces up to eighteen years in jail for masterminding the theft of $ 1.5 million, from the casino where he worked. He was found guilty of 12 felonies including robbery and false imprisonment, after the casino in San Jacinto was raided by his gang, who tied up three surveillance guards and held seven others hostage in the vault. - source - - 2nd July 2009

A dish best served up cold - It's been estimated that police forces across the UK are using ANPR cameras to capture the equivalent of 3 billion vehicle number plates a year. The calculation is based on information provided by 26 police forces, that responded to a request under the Freedom of Information Act. If accurate, this would represent a ten fold increase in the use of plate recognition since 2007 - source - Daily Mail - 2nd July 2009

Get it off your chest - A 28 year old woman was captured by a pet shop surveillance camera, stuffing an eight week old Shih Tzu puppy under her shirt. The theft from the Sweet Puppy Love store in Panama City was resolved when the mother was later arrested and the $ 800 pup returned to the shop. - source - - 2nd July 2009

Target hardening on the rock - The local Chamber of Commerce is urging the Gibralter Government to install CCTV in the town centre, to tackle vandals and hooliganism. - source - Gibralter Chronicle - 3rd July 2009

Out of sight, out of bounds - The Public Service Commission in Malta, has decreed that CCTV evidence cannot be used in any disciplinary hearings, where the employees are unaware of the presence of video surveillance. The ruling is based on advice from the country's data commissioner, and ensures that either the accused or their union must have been previously notified about the use of cameras, otherwise the recordings are useless. - source - Malta Today - 5th July 2009

More bangs from a buck - Hot on the hooves of the bullock that ran amok in an irish supermarket recently, a wild buck decided this week to go for a spin around a hardware store in Penn Yan, New York State. Having crashed around the displays for some minutes, it was probably the sight of five trophy deer heads mounted on the wall, that convinced the young animal to turn tail and escape out the back entrance. Needless to say, all the excitement was captured on the stores CCTV system. - source - - 7th July 2009

A technological approach to tackling terrorism - The Philippine National Police (PNP) are urging traders to install CCTV systems, in a concerted attempt to address the risks of further terrorist attacks. Whilst the country is on the highest level of alert following the bombings in Mindanao, the authorities believe that the addition of video surveillance will complement their strategy of operating high visibility policing and local checkpoints. - source - GMA News - 7th July 2009

Fire in the hole - Following a deliberate arson attack whick knocked out four Town Centre CCTV cameras in Airdrie, Scotland it's been alleged that a notorious local drug dealer was behind the incident. Since the street cameras were installed they've supposedly had a marked effect on local crime, so much so that the disgruntled individual was reported as having paid to have petrol poured under the manhole cover that protects the local CCTV , telephone and cable television cables. - source - Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser - 8th July 2009

Giving the children safe passage - The National Police Agency in Japan have put forward a proposal to install security camera networks in 15 residential areas, to be completed by the beginning of 2010. Each network will comprise of 25 cameras that are intended to cover streets used mostly by children on their way to school. Whilst the recording and monitoring equipment will be located in community buildings, the police will have to rely entirely on volunteers to operate the equipment. - source - The Japan Times Online - 8th July 2009

Spare some change for the cameras - A political row has broken out amongst local councillors in Derby, UK, after a councillor representing traders that are outraged at the proposed removal of two town centre CCTV cameras, was prevented from delivering a petition to the council leader, on a point of order. Removing both cameras which have so far failed to record a single crime, is expected to save the council £ 20,000. - source - This is Derbyshire - 9th July 2009

When desecrated replaces consecrated ... - A proposal has been forwarded by the Religious Services Ministry to the Knesset (Israel's Parliament), to install video surveillance at the historic Mount of Olives cemetry east of Jerusalem, where many of the 70,000 graves have been desecrated by vandals in recent years. - source - The Jerusalem Post - 9th July 2009

Cameras ... what cameras? - News from Queensland Australia, where the Mayor of Roma is convinced that crime has been reduced, simply because the local vandals believe they have CCTV operating on the main street. The town was intending to install security cameras, but when it's council amalgamated with four others, the plan was put on hold; whilst nobody mentioned it to the residents, crime incidents have in fact decreased significantly. - source - CoomaExpress - 9th July 2009

A taste of things to come - Restaurants and bars in Be'er Sheva in Israel, facing additional costs caused by extended summer opening hours, have been offered an unusual solution by the city's Chief Rabbi. Under jewish dietary laws, all food preparation has to be closely monitored to make sure it is 'kosher'. Now the rabbi has proposed fitting the kitchens with CCTV cameras, so one observer can oversee a number of eateries, at a greatly reduced cost to the proprietors - source - - 9th July 2009

Employed in preventing theft by employees - Retailers in the US are resorting to some clever video analytics to try and cut down on employee theft. Using a system called StopLift, check outs are monitored for unusual behaviour, such as under ringing goods at the till, or bagging up items that have not been scanned. Figures suggest that last year, almost half of all retail theft in american stores was committed by employees, at a cost of almost $ 16 billion, although the new system has also helped to identify losses simply attributable to poor employee performance. - source - Reuters - 10th July 2009

Flushed with success - Notre Dame High School in Norwich, UK is the latest seat of learning to place CCTV cameras in the toilet block. Faced with an ongoing bill for vandalism that had already topped £ 3,500 (US$ 5k, €4k), since installing the equipment to monitor the washbasins, there have been no further incidents. - source - iEDP24 - 10th July 2009

When questions need answers - After having recently been cited as the most surveilled city in the United States, some less than impressed residents of Lancaster have decided to form an action group, known as 'The Lancaster Coalition for Sensible Security'. Highlighting their concerns about both effectiveness and the constitutional implications of surveillance, the group are holding public meetings to question the operation of the 120 camera public space system, that is presently monitored by volunteer operators. - source - Lancaster - 11th July 2009

When rocks hit hard places - The one thing that most CCTV operators dread most is the risk of rocks whizzing towards their expensive cameras, but for professional meteorite chasers in the US, news that the Mason-Dixon meteor had accidentally been captured on a surveillance camera owned by the York Water Company in Pennsylvania, must have seemed like a gift from the gods So now the race is on to locate the remnants, with sale prices being quoted for meteorite fragments, at many times that for gold. - source - The Baltimore Sun - 11th July 2009

A visionary remembered - Samuel Genensky may not be particularly well known in the world of CCTV, but as a mathematician and inventor, he is widely regarded as the pioneer in developing closed circuit television viewers in the late '50s, to help the visually impaired become more able to read everyday printed material. At the age of 81, Samuel has sadly passed away at his home in Santa Monica, California, after having revolutionised the lives of millions around the world, with his visionary genius. - source - Los Angeles Times - 12th July 2009

It's time hasn't come - At a meeting of Ivybridge Town Council in Devon, UK, councillors voted against installing CCTV despite the local police urging acceptance. As part of the consultation process, whilst residents were asked for their views on fitting security cameras in the town, five e-mails were received in favour, two against, and the views of the other 13,000 townsfolk remains something of a mystery. - source - Dartmouth Chronicle - 13th July 2009

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TRUSTED - Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection - A campaign to improve the effectiveness of existing video surveillance security systems.

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