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City of London street surveillance CCTV camera, equipped with PA speakers to allow City of London Police, to make verbal announcements in the event of an incident.
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Not in my back yard
- The majority of councillors on Ivybridge Town Council in Devon, UK, have voted not to install CCTV cameras in the town, despite police, local residents and traders indicating that they believed it would help to tackle issues with persistant anti social behaviour. - source - Dartmouth Chronicle - 13th July 2009

Killings caught on camera - A Florida couple well known for fostering kids with special needs, were brutally killed in a military style robbery, which took place whilst nine of their seventeen children were sheltering in other rooms at their Beulah home. A number of suspects have since been arrested by police, after the tragedy was captured on the extensive CCTV system, used to help care for those children that needed constant supervision. - source - Herald - 14th July 2009

Request for a disc thrown out - An indian court has refused a request from the sole surviving terrorist responsible for the Mumbai terror attacks, to have CCTV footage of his killing spree supplied to him on a CD disc. When asked by the judge why he wanted a copy of the recordings, the accused refused to answer, even though apparently he has no access to a suitable player. - source - - 14th July 2009

One drink too many - Early one morning, a self employed businessman was caught on camera in Tamworth Town Centre having a quick drink, moments before getting behind the wheel of an S type Jaguar car. The CCTV Operator notified the police, and the driver was quickly stopped and breathalysed. Having recorded a reading of well over twice the legal limit for blood alcohol levels, he was later fined £ 1,700 ( US$ 2,550 € 1950 ) and banned from driving for 20 months.. - source - - 17h July 2009

Softly, softly catchey monkey - Staff at a nursery in Richardson, Texas were intrigued to find out how their plants were disappearing from the store, without anyone noticing anything suspicious. Having reviewed the video surveillance recordings, bemused managers contacted the local Police Department to confirm that they had now positively identified the thief ... as a small monkey. It's not known whether there were any banana plants amongst the haul. - source - - 20th July 2009

Traffic jams just disappear - The 23 camera traffic control system installed in Jaipur, India, has come to a dead end, after the company providing the leased lines threw the switch to turn off the video feeds. It's alleged that the local autthority stopped paying for the cables earlier in the year, saying it was the responsibility of the traffic department to cover the costs, particularly as they were raising all the revenues through the issuing of penalty charge tickets.. - source - The Times of India - 20th July 2009

The last port to call - Some four years ago, George Tarburton, a Maryland Transportation Authority Police Officer was working as part of the thinnest of blue lines, to protect the Port of Baltimore in the US. Deeply concerned about the site's lack of physical security, which included wooden dummy CCTV cameras set up to 'protect' the ports perimeter, he eventually blew the whistle through the local news media, and subsequently lost his job. Whilst the port security is now regarded as "near perfect" by the US Coast Guard, George Tarburton has since been unable to secure a job with any police or law enforcement departments, and now works at a much lower level in the private security industry.. - source - The Baltimore Sun - 20th July 2009

Where did it all go wrong - In a recent interview for the BBC's Newsnight current affairs TV programme, DCI Mick Neville of London's Metropolitan Police Service, has suggested that mistakes were made in rushing to install CCTV across the UK, without the correct processes and procedures in place to manage the recordings effectively. It's also been revealed that recent research has cast doubt on the much reported guesstimate of 4.2 million cameras in use, with analysts now suggesting perhaps a million less across the country. - source - BBC News - 20th July 2009 - ( Also look at ... Doktor Jon's interview with DCI Mick Neville )

You can count on statistics - As part of the BBC's investigation into the use of CCTV across Britain today, the corporation made hundreds of Freedom of Information access requests to local authorities, to find out how many cameras are being used. Apparently the London Borough of Wandsworth actually has more security cameras deployed (1,113), than Dublin, San Francisco, Johannesburg and Boston all combined. - source - BBC News - 20th July 2009

And the lesson today is ... - CCTV in schools may be nothing new, but the Stockwell Park High School in South London has been making the news recently, for it's fulsome and enthusiastic embrace of wide ranging video surveillance technology. Civil libertarians and teacher unions have been quick to react to the announcement that the schools current coverage using 100 surveillance cameras, will soon be expanded to effectively double that number.. - source - - 21st July 2009

That's quite a haul - It's not often that a fisherman can cast his line in a shopping centre, and expect to land much of a catch, but for one 48 year old man in Wollongong Australia, he clearly got more than he bargained for. Having thrown a length of fishing line over a security camera in the local Mall, he eventually managed to steal it whilst being filmed by another unit close to the scene. In a court hearing, the offender was given a six month suspended jail term, and ordered to repay the Aus$ 3500 cost of the missing equipment. - source - Illawarra Mercury - 23rd July 2009

Floundering around for a solution - The scandal of £40m worth of fish being thrown back into the North Sea every year, simply because it does not comply with the fishing quota, is soon to be addressed by a new initiative. As part of a £ 100,000 trial project, seven Scottish trawlers will be equipped with CCTV in an attempt to monitor the type of fish being landed, and hopefully reduce the almost 50% of cod and haddock which the skippers are compelled to throw back, in order to stay within the rules. - source - The Shetland Times - 24th July 2009

Gunning for revenge - A 23 year old man was arraigned to prison in Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., after having been arrested on suspicion of shooting down one of the city's newest surveillance cameras. Having failed the first time, it's alleged that he later returned to the scene and fired a number of shots, causing the camera to crash to the ground. It has since been replaced at a cost of US$ 6,175. - source - - 24th July 2009

No way to leave a child - A 23 year old woman has appeared in court, after having been recorded by a video surveillance camera abandoning her new born baby girl, in the Steel Lake Presbyterian Church, Federal Way Washington State. The accused is expected to receive a community service sentence next month, for the incident which occured last september; the child was thought to be less than a day old when left by her mother on the church premises. - source - Federalway - 28th July 2009

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TRUSTED - Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection - A campaign to improve the effectiveness of existing video surveillance security systems.

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