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CCTV Industry 'News in Brief' - May 2006

Milestone Systems, a leading player in the development of IP Video Surveillance software, has been recognised with the Frost & Sullivan 2006 Award for Brand Development Strategy Leadership. In recognition of the company's outstanding performance in developing and marketing a unique range of products, the award has been made following extensive research throughout the security industry, over the last 12 months.

Israeli based specialist Aspectus Video Intelligence Inc. has secured a further US$ 2 million of funding, to develop its Video Intelligence and Video Content Analysis software. The company's unique patented IP image processing (IPoIPT) video analytics systems, is designed to minimise bandwidth restrictions, often found with conventional IP systems - source Globes Online - 25th April 2006

Fibre Optics transmission specialist OT Systems, has announced the appointment of Domenic Isola as president of their Americas operation. Domenic joins the company with more than 25 years experience of the security industry.

JVC Professional Europe Ltd. have announced the appointment of Colin Milligan (pictured left) as their new UK Sales Manager. With over 13 years experience in similar roles with Honeywell (previously Video Controls Ltd.) and Spyhawk, in welcoming Colin to the business Executive Director Yash Patel observed, " This is a key appointment for the company as we continue to strengthen our UK sales force.".

Photo (right) - Colin Milligan, UK Sales Manager - JVC Professional Europe >

ViSTA Networking Solutions (VNS) have announced the expansion of their GT17 Network Video Recorder products, with 19" rack mounting and SATA II disc drives offering up to 20 TB of storage. Targetted applications include ports and airports, hospitals, shopping centres, casinos, prisons and Town Centres

Milestone Systems a market leader in the supply of open platform IP video surveillance software, and Object Video, a leading developer of 'intelligent' application video software, have recently announced a new strategic technology and marketing alliance. The joint co-operation of companies specialising in network video surveillance management and analytical software will undoubtedly provide new opportunities in a range of applications.

In time for the ISC West event in Las Vegas, US manufacturer Pelco have announced a number of new products, to add to their already significant portfolio. The new DVR 5300 is a high performance recording system designed for mission critical enterprise applications. The proven technology of the company's Spectra III dome camera, has now been released as an "Endura™" compatible unit, known as the Spectra III EVS ... more information ...
Photo (right) - The Pelco DVR 5300 recorder

News from IP software innovator DVTel, who have recently launched their new iSOC V5 intelligent Security Operations Centre. The V5 is designed as an open standards platform that combines all video, audio, data, access control and alarm management, along with video analytics functionality into a single command and control package. The iSOC product has already been adopted by East Midlands Airport, Havering College, The US Super Bowl and also chosen by LA County Sheriffs Department, for use in a wide range of applications.

Zandar Technologies, developers of the Fusion Pro MultiViewer display and video management systems, have announced a number of notable successes in recent product deployments.
In the U.K., Thames Valley police have adopted the Zandar1RU FusionPro as the standard image display system for use in their custody suites. Each unit provides 8 video source inputs for display on a 40 inch flatscreen panel, providing access to as many as 70 cameras, with full functional control of alarms, intercoms, real or recorded CCTV images and display graphics, all controlled through the Genesys integrated control software. In the U.S., the same technology has been applied to security monitoring a large chemical facility in Ohio, and a further system deployed to allow a Central Florida water utility company, to monitor up to 150 cameras through six rear projection systems, all linked to a 6 feet by 23 feet custom built screen.

Sanyo chose the recent IFSEC 2006 event, for the launch of their latest innovative PAN-Focus camera technology. Initially built into the VDC-DP7585P IP 66 rated Day / Night vandal resistant dome, the lens has been designed to provide an exceptional 'Depth of Field' with no focussing required. The 2.6 x zoom ratio can be remotely adjusted using a range of control methods including the VAC 70 keyboard.
Photo (right) - Sanyo VDC-DP7585P 520 line resolution vandal resistant Day / Night Dome camera with 'PAN - Focus' technology

CCTV System specialist G1 Ltd., have announced the appointment of Paul Murray as their new Commercial Manager. An experienced shopping centre manager, having previously worked in both the Brent Cross and Covent Garden Market centres, Paul will be looking to grow the business alongside managing the sales and maintenance teams.
Photo (left) - Paul Murray, Commercial Manager G1 Ltd.



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