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So would you like to play "Spot the CCTV Camera?". Eagle eyed visitors may recognise the profusion of street furniture, surrounding a single heritage dome camera keeping watch over part  of Londons' prestigious Oxford Street shopping area.

CCTV Industry 'News in Brief' - September 2006


Two announcements from US based manufacturers, offering new software for video specialists;
From Atlanta, news that Wren Associates have introduced their Video Management System (VMS) software, to allow the capture, review and management of video from multiple locations. Described as an enterprise grade application, this Windows (R) based platform is scalable, to allow an unlimited number of users and cameras, all easily accessible from a standard PC workstation.

Princeton based Pyramid Vision, have introduced their Sarensix video analysis tool designed for Law Enforcement agencies. The software can perform a number of enhancement and analytical functions, to produce a complete video forensics service incorporating unique multiple frame fusion processing.

With overall membership of the IP User Group now standing at over 9300, it's been announced that CBC (Europe), Network Webcams, Pointer Ltd., and Vidionics, have become the latest companies to join as Affiliate Members'.

Magal Security Systems have announced a US$ 4.3 million contract to supply their MTC 1500 day and night surveillance system, along with the companies unique Dreambox 'all in one' security solution, to an undisclosed client in Mexico. The systems will be deployed for perimeter protection at a number of sensitive sites.

Hundreds of Pelco employees, along with honoured guests and members of the public, attended a solumn 9/11 fifth anniversary commemoration ceremony, held at the company's California Memorial. In attending this special event, Pelco President and CEO David L. McDonald commented "The most profound way to protect the future is to never forget the past. We must never forget the thousands of innocent men and women who went to work that day and never returned home ... We must never forget".


Wavelet Technology have announced the launch of their new OPAL Network Video Recorder (NVR) and EVIS Security Management Software. Designed for use with a range of megapixel and network cameras, the OPAL is a low cost solution providing a powerful, scalable recorder in a compact design. As an embedded Linux based real-time solution, it offers 9, 16 or 32 camera inputs, with a range of drive options from 250Gb's up to 750Gb's more on this story ...
Photo (right) - Wavelet Technology OPAL Network Video Recorder

CCTV Photo - Sanyo VDC-DP7585 IP 66 rated Day / Night vandal resistant dome - copyright Sanyo Europe

Bosch Security Systems have once again been awarded the contract to provide CCTV video surveillance, at the unique Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. For the sixth consecutive year, the world famous folk and beer festival will benefit from round the clock surveillance, using 12 Bosch AutoDome cameras, linked to Dibos digital record systems equipped with 2.5 Terrabytes of storage capacity. During the two weeks of the event, around 6 million visitors are expected from around the world.
Photo (right) - Bosch surveillance at the Oktoberfest in Munich.

CCTV Photo - Bosch Video surveillance systems protect visitors to the Oktoberfest 2006 event in Germany - photo copyright Bosch Security Systems


At the annual PSI (Professional Security Installer) magazine awards, JVC Europe have received the coveted PSI Premier Award for "CCTV Product of the Year 2006". more on this story ...

Bosch Security Systems have announced the upgrading of their existing Flexidome camera series. The latest 15 bit technology already proven in the Dinion XF range, has now been incorporated into all Flexidome models, providing a range of marked improvments and innovations across the entire range.




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