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CCTV Industry 'News in Brief' - October 2006

US based specialist Video Analytics company Aspectus Video Intelligence Inc., have recently announced a change of name to Agent Video Intelligence (TM). The move reflects the companies increased demand for its Agent Vi (TM) image analytics software.

Also news from the States that Florida based Guardian Solutions have demonstrated the worlds first "totally geo spatial" video surveillance system. Called GView (TM), the system allows existing DVR based video surveillance to provide an integrated 3D overview of the site using Google Earth, with front end camera controls being automated by the system software.

ATEME have just introduced their latest H.264 compact audio + video encoder. The model VSIP2 is a single channel unit, which boasts a 25% reduction on bandwidth requirements over its MPEG - 4 equivalent. It can be configured for one or more channels, with a larger installations offering 20 units configured into a standard 3U rack enclosure.

Integrian have announced the impending launch of their new IP mega-pixel camera, designed for use with their existing TC-50 and TC-100 digital recorders.

Californian based CCTV manufacturer Pelco, have launched their latest Endura version 1.3 software. Amongst its many improvements, Endura can now offer 15 frame rate / resolution combinations, a new diagnostics window, flexible audio options, Pelco P protocol for PTZ control, and extended control of the newest additions to the product range.
Also introduced is the company's latest dome offering, the Spectra IV; with 540 lines resolution, a 35x optical and 12x digital zoom function, UTP connectivity, Wide Dynamic range and low light capability, this new model provides a complete solution for use in many mission critical applications.
Photo (left) - Pelco Endura System

JVC Professional Europe have announced the launch of their new hybrid NVR, the model VR - N900U. This 9 channel network recorder, incorporating Milestone Systems XProtect software, can automatically identify and configure for any JVC IP cameras, or combination of network, analogue or server sourced image streams.
As a stand alone unit, it is both scaleable and flexible enough to allow the integration of other manufacturers devices
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Photo (right) - JVC VR - N900U 9 channel Network Video Recorder

CCTV Photo - Sanyo VDC-DP7585 IP 66 rated Day / Night vandal resistant dome - copyright Sanyo Europe

Far Eastern manufacturer Everprocam, have announced the launch of their latest model DVR, the EP JSD 3594. Developed as a low cost four channel unit, the unit is based on M-JPEG compresion, with 25 fps update using a 200Gb Hard Disc. Suitable for light commercial and domestic applications, the unit includes Motion Detected recording and Video Loss alarm functions as standard
Photo (left) - Everprocam EP JSD 3594 Four channel DVR


Canadian specialist ImmerVision have announced an increase in production of their unique IMV1-1/3 "panomorph" lens. Designed to offer a complete 360 degree view, the revolutionary anamorphic lens is capable of providing a distortion free image, and is particularly well suited to large area surveillance, in applications such as airports, stations and shopping centres.

Axis Communications have recently launched two new products at the ASIS International event. Claimed to be the smallest wireless mega-pixel network camera in the market, the model 207MW is their latest dual stream MJPEG / MPEG - 4 addition to the range. Also on offer, the model 243SA is the worlds first single channel video server / encoder to support the latest Internet Protocol (IPv6).




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