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TRUSTED - Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection - A campaign to improve the effectiveness of existing video surveillance security systems.

The role of CCTV in modern policing - continued

Hopefully, the range of material on this site, in particular the advice on system design and siting cameras to best effect, will prove useful, but be aware, it can get a wee bit heavy in places.

Armed with a basic level of knowledge on the subject (equivalent to perhaps half a days tuition), an officer would be in a much better position to assess the effectiveness of any average CCTV system.

What’s the point you might think; well, if by some miracle a bank, building society, insurance company or indeed a top notch security company could be ever so gently persuaded to sponsor a national “CCTV Awareness Month”, owners and operators of privately owned surveillance systems could invite police officers in for a coffee and a chat (if you’re on beat patrol, go easy on the coffee!) with a view to receiving practical advice on how best to improve their already wonderful CCTV camera systems.

Realistically, there is no suggestion that an officer will attain the same level of knowledge as a 25 year consultant, but any useful advice is better than no advice at all, and you never know when those video recordings might just be the vital clue in a major investigation.

I see in my crystal ball, dark mutterings about budgets and overtime, and finite resources, and .... if it’s not such a bad idea, why not at least trial it in one or two areas, to see what effect it has longterm.

There may even be scope for developing a neighbourhood Closed Circuit Television
“Safety Net” scheme.

You may recall that Doktor Jon mentioned that there are essentially two key areas of CCTV interest for the police, the second being the explosive development in Town Centre (TC) camera schemes installed right across the country. If you take the trouble to browse through other sections of this site, particularly relating to the mechanics of system design, you will quickly pick up on the fact that Doktor Jon has no immediate plans to start a TC camera scheme fan club.


The role of CCTV in modern policing - continued >>

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