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Doktor Jon does his bit to help
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TRUSTED - Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection - A campaign to improve the effectiveness of existing video surveillance security systems.

To further assist you, the following topics are intended to provide a useful resource and reference point, which I hope you will find both helpful and informative.

The role of CCTV in modern policing
Overt or covert; what's best for crime reduction / detection.

Everyday applications for Closed Circuit TV
Alternative techniques to consider

"Safety Net"© CCTV in the community
An alternative approach to public area surveillance

Tagbuster© and Closed Circuit Television
A strategy for tackling Graffiti and vandalism

Using CCTV with hand held speed cameras
Demonstrating that speeding vehicles are correctly acquired

Identifying property and people with covert markings
How to image 'SmartWater' type UV based markers

CPO Top Ten Tips
A Crime Prevention Officers quick fix check list

CCTV advice for an anti terrorism / "Homeland Security" role
How CCTV operators should gauge their systems

Doktor Jons 'Photo Gallery' - CCTV images available for publication

The Coppers Corner Forum
Exchange information and requests - password restricted access

CCTV Research Papers and Projects


The role of CCTV in modern policing >>

Live Life Safe, with advice and guidance on personal safety from The Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

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