Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Background information on the TRUSTED concept, achieving ... "Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection"


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Doktor Jons guide to

Doktor Jon's Guide -

General NCIW 2012 Documents - Recommended Reading

NCIW 2012 CCTV ‘Health Check’ guidance booklet - (large .pdf file) - PW
A comprehensive guide for evaluating an average CCTV Security Camera System

An NCIW 2012 ’10 Point Plan’ A4 Poster
An outline plan for individual CCTV Users to evaluate their systems

The requirements for the Video Record component of a CCTV system, to achieve TRUSTED© status in Forensic Surveillance use.



CCTV Audit Forms:- all PW

CAF1 -
General forms for auditing crime incidents and outcomes

CEA1 - A sites CCTV Camera Equipment audit form

GEA1 - For listing control, monitor & recording equipment

A range of basic forms designed for recording useful 'profiling' information.

CCTV Equipment Performance Evaluation:-

Form VL-1:- PW
'VIPER Lite’ single camera 'set-up' evaluation
- including both test and guidance notes for testing a camera

Form VL-1N:- PW ‘VIPER Lite’ guidance notes
A separate document for use with multiple camera evaluations (VL-1E)

Form VL-1E:- PW ‘VIPER Lite’ individual camera evaluation form,
A document designed for use with multiple camera systems

Documents awaiting upload .....

Form VM-1:- A basic Monitor/Display evaluation document

Form VR-1:- A basic Video Recording evaluation document

National CCTV Improvement Week Documents
The UK's first ever National CCTV Improvement Week was held on the 6th - 12th May 2012.

CCTV System Profiling Forms:-

Form DEF1:- PW
‘Global’ site & ‘Macro’ specific area DISE profiling form

Document designed for evaluating the CCTV's Operational Objectives on site and in key areas within the site.

Form DEF2:- PW ‘Micro’ individual CCTV camera DISE operational profile form

Document intended to help evaluate the Operational Objectives for a specific CCTV camera location, within a site.

Form DEF3:- PW ‘Micro’ DISE operational profile supplementary form
for detailing the Operational Objectives for a large numbers of camera

A selection of Doktor Jon's original authored documents and webpages relating specifically to various aspects of CCTV Improvement work ... in progress

The following original documents were produced by Doktor Jon for NCIW 2012 to help users test and evaluate the effectiveness of their own security camera systems.

Please Note:- some of the .pdf documents detailed below will need a password to gain access - where indicated ( PW ), please contact DJ to obtain the specific password required to open the file.

The specialist 'VIPER' CCTV Image Evaluation service

Doktor Jon's unique "Video Image Performance Evaluation Report" service

DJ's suggestions for Video Recording Data Retention Periods
A general guide to minimum acceptable record quality and retention periods for various situations and unique CCTV Privacy Scale

CCTV System Profiling - Outlining the DISE evaluation technique - The basic principles for determining the Operational Objectives

The "Cone of Containment" principle - The "Golden Zone" 1 & 2
Background information on how and where to place cameras, and select appropriate lenses to optimise effectiveness

The TRUSTED© CCTV Improvement Project - originally started by Doktor Jon in 2006

The TRUSTED© Roadmap - details of the work both planned and currently in progress

TRUSTED Classifications, Product Marks, and more detailed CCTV Notification.
Developing the idea of standardised CCTV product categories and performance marking

Feedback Survey results on proposals for introducing TRUSTED Product Classification, Product Marks, and Notification signage - Results of a survey carried out amongst a number of CCTV experts


A TRUSTED CCTV Camera 'Product Classification' Listing - An example of a CCTV Product certificate

A detailed
CCTV Application Profile - PW No. 9 Licensed Premises v1.1 - An example of a specific application profile in .pdf format - 2.5 Mb file

CCTV Lens Selection Guide - CCTV Lens Coverage Chart - CCTV Lens Advice CCTV Camera Matrix

General technical Information on how to understand and select appropriate lenses for a range of situations


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